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High Effective Ayurveda Based Treatments...

Express Treatments

  • The feet hold many energy points linked to almost every part of the body. They connect us to the earth, providing stability and grounding, and, quite literally, bear the weight of the day. A foot massage is a great way to show appreciation and offer daily relief to this very deserving part of your body.

  • Ayurveda is a safe and cost effective alternative medicine to cure hair loss problems. Ayurvedic home remedies treat hair fall completely if it used in the early stage of hair fall. As per Ayurvedic philosophy, hair loss is caused due to excess of Pitta dosha in the body.

  • Whether you are new to massage or are a massage therapist, our Indian Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage workshop will provide you with a truly transportable massage technique that can be applied any place, any time!

  • A stimulating warm oil massage for the neck and shoulders to ease muscular pain and tension caused by stress and incorrect sitting posture.

  • Ayurvedic treatment for neck and shoulder pain is one the most prominent treatment methods for any injury to the neck or the shoulder. The above-mentioned techniques, coupled with regular exercises can bring great relief to people suffering Pain in neck.

  • The best way to massage a person's legs for better circulation is to begin with a comprehensive plan in mind and then to work that plan to its completion.Circulation difficulties are common in the leg, since blood and nutrients have to travel such a distance from the pumping heart to reach the entire leg. In addition, the returning deoxygenated blood must rise against the pull of gravity to return to the filtering organs and heart once again. Massage is an excellent method for enhancing circulation. The therapist should work both legs.

  • Make sure you exfoliate your legs with a scrub before you go for a wax or a shave. Exfoliating will help remove dead cells and open up pores. This will remove any unwanted stubble and in-growths while you wax. It also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky.

  • A foot scrub can be added to a massage to exfoliate and soften your feet. This will leave your skin healthy and radiant. A foot scrub is applied to the feet to help remove and exfoliate the dry, rough areas of your feet.

  • A therapeutic massage that uses selected oils and enhances blood circulation, eases muscular pain and relaxes the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders.

Various Treatment Packages

  • A one day program with 1 hour Ayurveda massage, herbal tea, Lunch, Pool and beach access.

  • The initial week soon after delivery is of immense importance. Both mother and the newly arrived guest need attention and special care. Ayurveda explains in detail regarding mother care. Here is a detailed Ayurvedic post in the first week after delivery

  • Full-body massage using warm medicated oils improves circulation, relieves fatigue and related body aches and nourishes the skin

  • Natural and safe is what ayurvedic slimming programme offers you. Experience the miracle of Ayurveda.

  • Stress releasing and rejuvanating escapades Achieve harmony of body, mind, and soul with our treatments and packages in the backdrop of the verdant countryside of Kerala.

  • Panchakarma is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.

  • The unique combination of the specially adapted Ayurvedic therapies with skin & beauty care spa therapies in the relaxed, tranquil environment of Swasthya are sure to leave you glowing from head to toe.

  • The Spine Care and Posture Program has been started by the Art of Living, with an aim to promote Health and Happiness.

Wellness with Ayurveda

  • This is the basic full boby ayurveda massage. This enhances proper blood circulation and relaxes mind.

  • A deep tissue massage concentrating the Marma points; superb for overworked, tired, stressed muscles to help stretch the body and alleviate fatigue

  • This includes a basic full body massage and herbal treatment locally for the relief of stiffness of neck and back.

  • The feet hold many energy points linked to almost every part of the body. They connect us to the earth, providing stability and grounding, and, quite literally, bear the weight of the day. A foot massage is a great way to show appreciation and offer daily relief to this very deserving part of your body.

  • Massage with warm oil and herbals poultices; relieves stiff muscles, aches and pains, helps in detox and body.

  • A very relaxing de-stressing massage of body and oil dripping on the forehead very effective for mental relaxation, sleep disturbances, head ache and hair fall.

  • A special Ayurvedic procedure with luke warm Ayurvedic oils poured on the head in a steady stream followed by head massage.

  • Oil massage and powder scrub; exfoliates the skin, Removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.

  • A nourishing and cooling massage with oil and special rice (Navara) poulties dripped in milk. This massage nourishes tissues,softens the skin, enhances complexion, strengthens body muscles, cures the joint stiffness, and improves digestive power.

  • A steady stream of luke warm medicated milk is continuously poured over the body in a peculiar pattern while the body is simultaneously massaged. This rejuvenating massage cools the body, softens the skin and improves complexion.

  • This is a form of Kalari (Martial arts of Kerala) massage in which the masseur hangs on a rope and gives the massage with his feet. Very effective for tired muscles.

  • Evecare has shown to be one useful herbal formula in treating women deal with their menstruation blues and pains. It effectively helps women cope with several annoying symptoms. On top of it all, the supplement has shown potential in inducing pregnancy for infertile couples too.

  • The concept of childcare in Ayurveda have the complete care taking of all elements that could affect the health of a child. It outline the health care measures from per-conception to prenatal care from the mother to fetus right through the delivery from the baby’s growth to adolescence.

  • Body wraps is a new age solution that is picking up fast on the weight loss regimen, especially in spas. In this case, the skin is tightly wrapped which causes detoxification, reduces bloating and promotes weight loss in the body.

  • We hand-pick herbs from our garden and blend them into an elixir for your body. Our body wraps are developed by our in-house physicians. Reset your physique and refresh your senses with our body wraps.

  • This is a form of Kalari massage in which the masseur hangs on a rope and gives the massage with his feet. The masseur will correct the body alignments as an osteopath or chiropractor does.

Signature Massage

  • A three combo of oil massage, Elakizhi and Sirodhara; this massage is designed to relieve the stress and strain due to long journeys. This is helpful to relieve the muscle pains and aches, swelling on the feet, headache, sleep disturbance, constipation other discomforts of jetlag.

  • Combination of oil massage, Elakizhi (herbal poultices) and Udvarthanam (peeling) .

  • A combination of Sirodhara and Udvarthanam, designed for relaxation and slimming .

  • A full body oil massage Abhyanga in combination with herbal facial.

  • A 5 combo with Abhyanga, Udvarthanam, Elakizhi, Sirodhara and Herbal facial.

  • Full body massage and hair care mask.

  • A special spine treatment for localized pain on the back. Back massage with effective oil and herbal poultices followed by retaining the oil on the affected area using dams made of dough.

  • A nasal treatment to relieve headaches related to sinusitis

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